Fostering Interaction between Open Government Data Stakeholders: An Exchange Platform for Citizens, Developers and Publishers


Open Government Data (OGD) consists of data released by publishers to drive the creation of innovative services by developers, and ultimately deliver value to citizens. However, the lack of communication between the different OGD stakeholders impedes the realization of this objective. The goal of this paper is to fill the technical aspects of this issue by identifying requirements needed in the design of a usable tool that can facilitate communication between OGD stakeholders. The stakeholders' requirements were identified from a literature review and validated through interviews with 9 stakeholders. Then, the identified features were integrated into the ODEON (Open Data Exchange solutiON) tool and its effectiveness in facilitating interaction between stakeholders was demonstrated through an evaluation with 22 stakeholders. This paper contributes to theory by proposing a list of 16 requirements to be implemented into a tool to facilitate communication between OGD stakeholders. Second, it contributes to practice by proposing a use case diagram listing the features needed to satisfy the requirements and a usable tool implementing them.